Conference Program

2) Environmental Management

- Understanding your local environment and its relationship to building sustainable local communities and sustainable living.

Synopsis: Industrialisation, hyper consumption and pollution have negatively impacted upon our local communities ecologically. As a result, attention has turned to how we can better understand our local environment and engage in developing sustainable ways to live. Whether you are living in the city of in rural areas we all have an ecological footprint. Understanding this can raise our awaireness about how our actions impact environmentally and how we can change some of our habits to become more environmentally friendly in our local communities.

Case Study:

Participants will be asked to measure their environmental footprint. Participants will be presented with a case of Rokko Mountain and how best to develop sustainable ways of living and eco-tourism in the area based on local environmental conditions .


  • how to iImplement enviornmental awareness, action and management programs at Rokko mountain.
  • how to iImplement enivornmental awareness, action and management programs in your local community.
  • Ideas on green tourism for the future.

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