Rokkosan YMCA

At Rokkosan YMCA, we pride ourselves on delivering an affordable and immersive hotel experience where guests from around the world can enjoy authentic Japanese hospitality. Located in one of Kobe, Japan’s most desirable locations, our resort offers a wide variety of activities such as outdoor cooking, an in-house canoeing pond and hiking trails leading to the notable look-out points, giving travelers a vantage point overlooking the whole of Osaka and Kobe. This allows distant travelers to enjoy the great outdoors while retreating into clean, fully equipped rooms after a day of activities around the mountain. Check out the activities available at Mt Rokko here.

Additionally, we are a community of people who understand the importance of experiential learning and investing in a lifetime of invaluable memories. Therefore, our host of day and overnight camps, available throughout the year, allows youth and children develop life skills and character building. Hosted by both English and Japanese speaking guides that hail from from different parts of the world including Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and the like, our program facilitators not only have a good grasp of the local environment but an international perspective when they share their stories. Look out for our programs here.

Come join us as we transform your travel experience into a multi-dimensional kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, only at Rokkosan YMCA. Book you stay here.